Bayan-Ulgii province in western Mongolia

Geography of Bayan-Ulgii (Olgii) province (Mongolia)

Bayan-Olgii province is located in the western part of Mongolia where it is bordering with Russia from the northwest side and with china from the southwest side. There are also Mongolian provinces such as Uvs and Hovd that are neighboring with Bayan-Olgii from east north and east south.
The large part of Bayan-Olgii is Mongolian Altai which is a long mountain range starting from China going through Mongolia, Kazakhstan to Russian Siberia.
10% of the province is covered with forest. Another place which Bayan-Olgii province proud of is Mongolian highest mountain peaks Tavan Bogd (five hollies) is located in Bayan-Olgii province.

Olgii – the capital town of Bayan-Olgii province

Bayan-Ulgii (Olgii) province

Bayan-Olgii province divides into 13 counties around:

Altai county – The center of Altai county is about 200 km from Olgii. Altai has beautiful spots around, the home of Kazakh nomads. It is bordering with China from the south side. In Altai county lives several Eagle Hunters and it’s a very good place for trekking, horse trek or camel trek!

Sagsai County – Sagsai is located in southwest of Olgii, and it is 40 km from Olgii. In Sagsai you can find Dear stones from Turkic age, and this county is rich for Eagle hunters, so you can stay at Eagle Hunter’s Family. Experience Nomadic life as well!

Sengel county – Center of Sengel county is located 100 km far west from Olgii. Sengel is bordering with China, Russia. At the Sengel County located Altai Tavan Bogd (five Holly peaks of Mongolia) Also you can find there Human stones, Rock arts which are biggest in Asia.

Altantsogs county – Altantsogs is located in the east from Olgii 45 km. In Altantsogs located another national park of Mongolia Tsambagarav which is higher than 4377 m. Eagle hunter Saylau from BBC human planet and first Girl Eagle hunter Aisholpan are also from Altantsogs county.

Ulaanhus County – Ulaanhus county located in North West from Olgii 45 km. Through Ulaanhus you can reach Altai Tavan Bogd national park.

Deluun – Located from Olgii 200 km to the south. Kokh Serke national park of Mongolia is located in this county. Kokh Serke national park is home for lots of wild animals such as Ibex, wolves…

Tolbo county – Located from Olgii 80 km. In the Tolbo county also located 3d  biggest lake Tolbonuur.

Bulgan county – Located south from Olgii 300 km.

Buyant county – Located south from Olgii 90 km.

Bayannuur County – Located in the east far from Olgii 150km.

Nogoonnuur County – Located east north from olgii 150km