Winter Tours in Mongolia

Winter tours in Mongolia

Please check the tour itinerary bellow. This program includes the best winter tour activities in Mongolia that you can do with your friends, with your family or even you can do that as a solo traveler.

Arrive in Ulgii and at the same day drive to Shiveet mountain and stay with Tuvan family. This is the best place to start winter tour in Mongolia. On that first day you will meet local nomads and experience nomadic winter lifestyle.

Hike or do horse riding on Shiveet mountain. During your hiking on the mountain you will watch some wildlife and see some historical prints. Shiveet mountain is famous mountain in western Mongolian Altai Tavan Bogd national park that keeps secret of the past and home for 400 wild Ibexes that stay on that. You will meet large complex of Petroglyphs from ancient Turkic age and enjoy beautiful views of Altai Mountain range.

You will leave Tuvan nomads and start driving back to another part of Altai Tavan Bogd national park where live different ethnic group of Mongolia. They are Kazakh nomads. Kazakh nomads used to train eagles and hunt with them to catch small wild animals. You will meet Eagle hunter’s family and learn some history about eagle training. Eagle hunting and eagle training is most winter activity in Mongolia.

You will ride a horse with local nomads and go riding on Altai mountains. You will follow the Eagle hunter and see how he uses his Golden Eagle to catch small animals and how to train the Eagle in right way.

Drive back to Ulgii town. Your driver will take you to your Hotel or Guesthouse room where you will have hot shower after long and wild trip, and will have an wifi.

Your driver will take you to local airport and you will catch a plane to Ulaanbaatar.