Hunting with Eagles

Hunting with Eagles is one of the unforgottable experience in Western Mongolia

Learning about the ancient tradition of hunting with Golden Eagles on horseback is one of the best tours to join for those who want to explore new culture and practise the hunting in the Altai mountains, Mongolia. During the apprenticeship trip, you will have a chance to experience learning basic steps of hunt with eagles and follow the hunt on a horseback with one of the skilled local eaglehunter, discover the rich diversity of nomadic culture, hospitality and lifestyle. Stay with them in their Ger , a heritage that has history of more 2000 years. Witness many more adventures such as training, feeding, release and call the eagle into your arm!

Brief itinerary

Day 1. Arrive in Ulgii, visit Eagle hunter

Arrive in Ulgii town (capital of Bayan-Ulgii province) Same day start driving to Eagle Hunter’s family. Meet Eagle Hunter and meet his fantastic bird. Chat with Eagle Hunter ask for any questions that you want to. Have dinner together with the family.

Day 2. Learn about Eagle hunting

See how Eagle Hunter makes ready his bird for hunting (how he trains etc.). See his hunting outfit. Learn how to hold the bird on your arm during the hunting. Learn how to carry the bird on the horse.

Day 3-4. Hunting with Eagles

Start hunting with eagle, discuss with Eagle hunter about which direction to choose and why?!.. Follow the Eagle hunter and enjoy the mountains.

DAy 5. Activities with Eagle

Hunt with Eagle yourself with the guideance of your eaglehunter.

Day 6. Back to Ulgii town.

Say goodbye to Eagle Hunter’s family. Drive back to Ulgii, and stay at the local Hotel. Have dinner at Local restaurant. While you are having dinner you will enjoy Kazakh traditional folk Music (live).

Day 7. Departure day

Catch your flight back to Ulaanbaatar 🙂

” Western Mongolia Tour ” was contracted company for DJI World for this documentary.

What do I expect to see?

  • Authentic nomadic lifestyle
  • Beautiful nature
  • Visit Eagle hunter
  • Visit traditional Yurt (Ger)
  • Experience real eagle hunting
  • Horse riding
  • Altai mountains

What services do I get?

  • Private transfers
  • English speaking guide
  • Mongolian traditional and European meals
  • Domestic flight booking
  • Staying at nomad family
  • Horses for riding
  • 4* Hotel



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