Why do nomads move or migrate?

You might have a question: Why do nomads in Mongolia migrate or move all the time?

Depending on areas where they live or camp, nomads migrate three or four times in a year. Anyway, they wouldn’t be a nomad if they will not migrate every time.

In reality, there are four completely different seasons in Mongolia. Those four seasons are cold winter, hot summer, spring, and autumn.

Nomads migrate or move

Meaning of Mongolian nomadic migration

Migration of Mongolian nomads have a special meanings that you may not know. Here you can find the best answers to your questions. Migration of Mongolian nomads and why do nomads migrate?

1) They choose the east side of the mountain or large rock as a shelter from the wind. Mongolian winter is cold, so they need to keep away their livestock from the whole night blowing cold wind.

2) They choose the area with less snow where not covers all the grass on the steppe. Otherwise, small animals wouldn’t reach the grass-covered by deep snow.

3) While their livestock is enjoying the less snowed area and the grass over there, the other areas with deep snow are preserved the grass under their white-deep snow.

4) By the time when it comes spring around, livestock has finished the grass around their winter area.

5) They choose high colder mountain areas in the summer that will be covered by snow in the winter. They need to finish all the grass on the mountains as they are going to be covered by the snow in the winter, and stay unreachable the whole winter anyway.

6) While livestock enjoying the grass on the mountain, the winter area is getting refreshed.

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