What things to see in Mongolia

What to do in Mongolia?

Before you go to Mongolia you must know more about Mongolia. For example what you can do or what places you will need to visit. Mongolia is a very beautiful country. There are no any latest technologies or any buildings that may surprise you but you can be surprised by unusual lifestyle and traditions. Mongolia is a very reach and famous with their history and historical places. There are beautiful nature, mountains, lakes and rivers.

What things to see in Mongolia?

Mongolia has a very little population and despite of that they have a large land. So Mongolia has everything what cares about wild nature. Mongolia has large snow mountains, pure running waters, big and long rivers, huge lakes, green fields and even unlimited long and hot deserts. So there is a large selection of destinations to choose.

Visit historical places

Mongolia is a land of Chinggiss Khan who was most famous King of central Asia. Temujin which is another name of great khan was the first King who has joined together small Mongol nomadic tribes and turned it into most powerful army ever. His army did fight over half of the world and became strong empire in the year of one thousand two hundreds. 5th president of Mongolia before his presidency he built biggest statue in the word that Chinggiss Khan on his horse. Besides of that there are many other historical places to visit that even older 10,000 years back before our century.

See the different life of Mongolian nomads

Mongolia is one of the countries that can surprise anyone who came from western territory. Mongolian nomads have very different lifestyle and different conception about human life. People are very relaxed. Mongolian nomads used to live life free like a bird so it is impossible to control them. They make many milk products that came until today from generation to generation. In western part of Mongolia there are different ethnic groups that they have a similar lifestyle but way different religion or tradition. Mongolian nomads are very generous and they have a best hospitality ever.

Trekking in Mongolia

Mongolia is a perfect place for trekking. There are destinations for trekking in the nature. It is wild nature with surrounding with mountains, lakes and rivers. You can do trekking as a hiker or do it as horse trekking. Better destination is western Mongolian Altai Tavan Bogd national park that bordering with Russia and China. Altai Tavan Bogd is famous with its high mountains that you can get easy on its top without any equipment, longest glacier that you can walk on it, nomadic families that you can also visit.

Discovery tours in Mongolia

As Mongolia has a large land it is not possible to see all Mongolia when you have a very little time. In that case many people do discovery tours where you will see Mongolia by driving. In discovery tours you can drive from place to place and see as much as you can. Most recommended and in our tour selection this tour as “Vacation in Mongolia”.