Travel to Mongolia

Travel to Mongolia

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Travel to Mongolia or just traveling to Mongolia

What do you must know when you will travel to Mongolia? First of all you will do research about our beautiful country, Mongolia. What activities to do in Mongolia, how to get to Mongolia etc. I made this page on our website to help you to plan your trip to Mongolia and help you with accurate information about tours in Mongolia and make it easy for you while you are planning your tour to Mongolia.

How to travel to Mongolia or how to get to Mongolia?

If you are planning to travel to Mongolia you will need to fly to Ulaanbaatar (capital) city of Mongolia and after you will be able to fly to different provinces of Mongolia with our domestic airlines. There is no other place with international airports except of Ulaanbaatar’s Chginggiss Khaan international airport in Mongolia. In any case you will start your tour in Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar city.

From what activities you can choose or do while you are traveling in Mongolia?

During your stay in Ulaanbaatar you can visit Gandan Monastery, Zaisan hill where you will have full view of Ulaanbaatar city. You can go visit local museums. You can do daily trip to Tsonjin Boldog national park where you will see world’s largest statue of Chinggiss Khan on the horse. Chinggiss Khan was legendary famous and strong Mongolian King in Mongolian and even in world history. Also there is a famous national park in Mongolia “Terelj”. In Terelj national park you can do horse riding in summer and in winter you can do tours such as dog sledding tours.

Trekking tours are also in list of Mongolian highlights.

There are most famous trekking destinations in Mongolia are starts from western Mongolian Altai Tavan Bogd national park. The minimum trekking duration is 5-6 days and longest goes until 14-15 days. Altai Tavan Bogd national park in western Mongolia is the best place for adventure tours in Mongolia. During your trekking tour in western Mongolia you will go trekking with local nomads and experience nomadic lifestyle, also you will go through beautiful nature and snow mountains, see and walk on largest glacier in Mongolia and be on top of 5th highest pick of Mongolia Malchin uul. You can trek in Kharkhiraa, with Tsaatan people in the north, another trekking is available in Zavhan provinces as well.

Gobi desert is also one of the famous touristic destinations in Mongolia.

One of the famous touristic destination in Mongolia is Gobi Desert. This vast desert is located in southern Mongolia and in the north of China. It’s known for its dunes, mountains and rare animals such as snow leopards and Bactrian camels. Gobi Desert features with national parks such as Gurvansaikhan, Khongoryn Els sand dune that sings when wind blows. Special destinations inside the national park are deep ice field of Yolyn am canyon. Dinosaur fossils have been found at the red “Flaming Cliffs” of Bayanzag.

Travel to Mongolia with multi activity plans

In western Mongolia we offer tours such as all the best mixed in one tour. During that tour you will be travelling in western Mongolia and experience nomadic life, hike on one of the highest mountain in Mongolia, walk on biggest glacier in all over the Mongolia, do horse riding, visit local nomads, try local food and stay in traditional nomadic tents called Ger.

There are a lot more to see and do in Mongolia so if you are seriously planning your tour in Mongolia please do not hesitate to contact us, ask us and we will be very happy to help with planning tours in Mongolia.







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