Is it safe in Mongolia | How to stay safe in Mongolia

How to stay safe in Mongolia?

Mongolia is one of the safest countries to travel with no worries. But, even despite that you must plan and know some instructions to staying safe in Mongolia.  There are many other small problems that you need to be aware of.  As not everyone is same so here you can find people flowed too.

Alcohol in Mongolia:

Many people in Mongolia, doesn’t matter in the city or countryside mainly men drink alcohol more than normal. So, it is not recommended to stay long with locals and drink too much vodka or beers if you don’t know theme well. It doesn’t mean that locals get crazy when they are drunk. Just any unpleased words in your conversation could drive into simply conflicts. Drinking few cans of beer or sharing bottle of vodka with your tour team such as your guide, driver or chef will not harm your trip probably even it will make your team understand better or becoming more respecting to each other like a friends entire the trip.

Walking on the streets and hiking in the national parks by your own are will not bring you problems with locals if it is day time. As a conclusion I would recommend you just stay away from the drunk people like in everywhere in the world.

Traveling alone in Mongolia

If you are man than you can travel by your own with no problems. But, if you are women or girl it will bring problems to travel alone by your own. Make sure that you are dressed very simple and all your sexual parts of your body such as chess, legs are covered by clothing as those things may bring local drunk guys try to flirt with you with force etc. You as a tourist in Mongolia you have very positive right and all the normal people in the streets or police are always will rush to help you or defend you. People in Mongolia like and respect foreigners as you look very different and unusual so they may always want to take picture with you.

In the countryside of Mongolia

Mongolia has a big land despite their very small population. Half of the population lives by splitting into countryside. People choose remote parts and corners to travel as those places are most beautiful. So in most of touristic destinations are with no mobile reception, wifi or internet. Before you start your trip do not forget to send your important e-mails or notify friends or family.

Pick pockets in Mongolia

Mainly they are in Ulaanbaatar (the capital of Mongolia) city pick pockets are very common. They are in the crowded markets department stores and in the public bus. When you are in those places make sure that you are holding your bag in front of you not on your back. Make sure that your purse, passports any other documents are in your safest pocket. Chess pocket would be the best option or inside your bag that you are holding in front of you. If you spot them in the action please do not try to mess with them. If you see how they are stealing from someone in front of you try to stay calm as they go with group of 4-5 people nearby so they may avenge.

I may skep some small things but I hope those are all the main information about safety in Mongolia. I wish all the best and good luck when you travel to Mongolia!