Vacation in Mongolia

All the best of western Mongolia are combined on this tour

Vacation in Mongolia is an amazing trip for those people who love adventure and see more in Mongolia. During this trip you will be driving through Altai mountains and see 20 km long Potaniin glacier, do climbing up to Malchin peak which is higher than 4000 meters from the sea level, do one-day horse riding, short hiking, experience nomadic life, visit eagle hunter’s family and much more activities that combined in this tour!

We invite you to visit western Mongolian most remote villages where China, Russia, and Kazakhstan are just a stone’s throw away. We invite you to experience people who live differently than you do. Thanks to their austere and rusting reality they have acquired a kind of freedom that not everyone is able to handle. Being with them you become different too as if you were living another life.

Itinerary for “Vacation in Mongolia”

1st Day

Arrive in Ulgii and drive to white river valley

Arrive in Ulgii (capital of Bayan-Ulgii province). Same day start driving to Altai Tavan Bogd national park and do camping in the ‘White river valley” next to Tuvan nomadic families.

1st Day
2nd Day

Horse riding to Glacier

Early morning after breakfast your horse guide will bring you horses, so you start horse riding from that gate towards the base camp of Tavan Bogd mountains. After 17km of horse riding, you will reach 20km long Potanin Glacier which is surrounded with five holy peaks of Mongolia. You will have the best view to glacier and even you can walk on it. You will camp just next to that glacier!

2nd Day
3rd Day

Hiking up to Malchin uul

After breakfast, your guide will guide you to the 5th highest peak of Mongolia Malchin peak which is more than 4000 meters high from the sea level. You can easily be on the top of that peak where you will have a full view of Russia and completely snow-capped white mountains of Kazakhstan’s and Chinese Altai.

3rd Day
4th Day

White river valley and Tuvan families

Start Horse riding back to the same gate of Altai Tavan Bogd national park. Have rest, relax and camp over there.

4th Day
5th Day

Khoton and Khurgan lake area

Drive to Khoton and Khurgan lakes in the Altai Tavan Bogd national park where many Tuvan nomads spend their summer. Lakes are crystal clear with fantastic views of the Altai Mountains and fascinating Nomadic lifestyle. Visit Kazakh nomadic family, and camp just next to the families.

5th Day
6th Day

Hiking to waterfall

You will do hiking through nomads to the beautiful waterfall. It is short hiking so it is better to enjoy your views on your way and even you can visit local nomads to experience a different life. Come back at your same camping spot.

6th Day
7th Day

Drive back to Ulgii, Eagle hunter visit

Drive back to Ulgii town. On your way you will stop to visit Kazakh Eagle hunter’s family. You will see the eagle, busy with photographing. Same day arrive in Ulgii. Have hot shower and have relax until the evening. During your dinner time you will enjoy Kazakh traditional folk concert! Throat singing is also available during that day! (During the summer time eagles are not for hunting so you can just visit the Eagle Hunter and see some training activities with Eagle, also try it by yourself.)

7th Day
8th Day

Departure day

Departure to Ulaanbaatar 🙂

8th Day



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What do I expect to see?

  • Authentic nomadic lifestyle
  • Pure and breathtakingly beautiful nature
  • Visit Eagle hunter
  • Visit traditional Yurt (Ger)
  • An unusual different life of people
  • Horse riding on Altai mountain
  • Learn different traditions
  • Be on top of 4th highest mountain in Mongolia
  • Do trekking, Do hiking.
  • Walking on the glacier
  • Experience Kazakh folk music

More detailed information

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