How to get to Mongolia?

All Flight Routes to Mongolia Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator) 2017

  • Japan – from Tokyo and Osaka.
  • South Korea – from Seoul.
  • Russia – from Moscow, Ulan Ude and Irkutsk.
  • China – from Beijing, Hohhot, Urumqi, Hong-Kong Hailar, and Shanghai.
  • Germany – from Berlin and (Frankfurt from April 2014)
  • Turkey – from Istanbul through Bishkek
  • Thailand – from Bangkok
  • France – From Paris (Summer 2015)
  • Singapore – from September 20, 2014 by MIAT.
How to get to Mongolia
All Airlines to Mongolia
  • MIAT Mongolian Airlines – from Germany, Russia, Korea, Japan, Hong-Kong Singapore and China.
  • Air China, from China.
  • Aeroflot Russian Airlines, from Russia.
  • Korean Airlines, from South Korea.
  • Turkish Airlines from Istanbul through Bishkek.
  • KLM and Air-France have code-sharing flights with MIAT, based on MIAT’s flight schedules from Moscow.
Domestic airlines that flies between Ulaanbaatar (Capital of Mongolia) and other different provinces of Mongolia.
  • Hunnu Air (
  • Aero Mongolia (

Our domestic flights can be delayed or flight time can be changed frequently. We recommend you not to put your international flight dates in same day as your domestic flights in Mongolia as it is too risky and there is high possibility to miss your international flights. So make sure that you will have spare days between those flights.

How to get to mongolia