Hotels in Mongolia

Hotels in Mongolia

Best hotel list in Mongolia

Mongolia is less developed country but despite of that you can find here modern hotels and restaurants that make you say wow which is unreal to expect from this kind of small country. This is only in Ulaanbaatar city. Ulaanbaatar is business center of Mongolia and all people who look for goods come to the main city. So in Ulaanbaatar you can find everything starting from Luxury hotels to simple, nice and cheap guest houses.

Here I made the list of the hotels to help you find best place for staying while you are traveling in Mongolia. Among this list most luxury hotels of Mongolia and also smaller nice hotels for staying. All of the hotels on this list are well recommended by guests review. I hope you will get what you want from this hotel list.

List of high end hotels in Ulaanbaatar city of Mongolia

List of middle range hotels in Ulaanbaatar city of Mongolia