Currency in Mongolia

What currency to use in Mongolia?

Mongolia is neighboring with only few countries so selection of currency is not big. As tourist in Mongolia you can use your international credit or debit cards but only in the cities or in the towns with ATM or supermarkets. But if you will go travel outdoor there are no any ways to withdraw cash. So before you travel out of the town you must make sure that you have cash certain amount of local Mongolia currency (MNT). People who live in the countryside do not accept or make deals with foreign currency except most touristic areas.

Most valid currencies are: American USD, Chinese CNY, Russian RUB, European EURO. If your country’s currency is not belonging to one of these I would recommend you to have right currency before you arrive in Mongolia.

There are many places for currency exchange but most trusted place for doing that is going to local banks to avoid from fake money or scammers.

In most of the places of Mongolia they do accept USD that looking new 2009 year or later. Outside of the currency must look also clean. So make sure that your money is in your clean pockets or in good wallets. Crumpled bills or bills with any stump from the bank are also problem as they may not accepted or lose its value.