Covid-19 Situation of Mongolia​

Mongolia Coronavirus Daily Updates​

February 15, 2022

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Covid-19 vaccination in Mongolia

I dose:


of all population (2,269,843 ppl)

II dose:


of all population (2,170,723 ppl)

III dose:


of all population (1,008,116 ppl)

Mongolia Travel Restrictions 2022 – Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Mongolia fully opens its borders to international travel. Covid-19 PCR test within 72 hours prior to entering is required for tourists coming to Mongolia and must have a proof of a “negative” result.


Is Mongolia’s border open to the international arrivals?
  • Tourists are allowed to enter Mongolia from 14th of February 2021 without quarantine. But that’s only for airline passengers.
  • The period of temporary suspension of passengers at land border crossings shall be extend until the end of March 31, 2022.

From which countries are there regular scheduled flights to Mongolia?
  • South Korea-Seoul, Japan-Tokyo, Thailand-Bangkok, Germany-Frankfurt- (via Moscow)
  • Lists of airlines doing international flights from & to UB/Ulaanbatar, Mongolia
    • MIAT and AERO MONGOLIA /UB – Tokyo, Japan – UB/
    • MIAT /UB – Seoul, South Korea – UB/
    • KOREAN AIR and ASIANA AIRLINES /Seoul, South Korea – UB – Seoul/
    • MIAT /UB – Frankfurt, Germany – UB/
    • TURKISH AIRLINES /Istanbul, Turkey – UB – Istanbul/
    • HUNNU AIRLINES /UB – Almaty, Kazakhstan – UB also UB – NurSultan, Kazakhstan – UB/
Is it necessary to take Covid PCR test on arrival and departure?

Passengers crossing the Mongolian border must have a PCR test for coronavirus infection (Covid-19) within 72 hours prior to entering the country, and must provide evidence of a “negative” result.

Should infants and babies be tested for PCR?

PCR is not recommended for infants or children under 6 years of age.

Is it necessary to be vaccinated when visiting Mongolia?

Mongolians and foreign nationals traveling to Mongolia are required to be fully vaccinated (2 doses) against coronavirus infection (Covid-19).

How will people who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons be treated?

Individuals who do not have a WHO-approved vaccine are required to provide medical and other evidence of contraindicated in Covid-19 vaccine in their home country. Needless to say these individuals will need proof of PCR testing within 72 hours prior to entering the country.

Should arrivals get tested at the airport (besides to the PCR test given 72 hours in advance)?

If you have a “negative” test result within 72 hours, you will not be tested at the border.

Will you be isolated when you come to Mongolia? How many days will it take?

You will not be isolated when you arrive. No Quarantine

Is it necessary to have Covid insurance when visiting Mongolia?

COVID Insurance is not required when visiting Mongolia. But if you want to get insured, it is better to get the insurance in your home country voluntarily.

What are the requirements for attractions and entertainments such as restaurants and museums that are frequented by tourists?
  • All service organizations are working according to their schedules.
  • The advisories being issued are wearing face masks, practicing social distancing, hand sanitizing, and being actively involved in COVID-19 vaccinations.
Where and to which hospital should I go if I have symptoms while traveling in the countryside? Will all the traveling crew and staff be separated? Or only if it is positive?
  • Contact a local health center. Those who test positive will be isolated for treatment.
  • Other members of the tour group shall not be isolated in the event of a negative test result.
What will you do if you get COVID during your stay in Mongolia?
  • Treatment is provided in accordance with the regulations in force in that country.
  • If you tested positive, you will be isolated in the nearest health center and get treated. Usually the period of isolation is around 7-10 days.

Do I need a PCR test when I departure from Mongolia?
  • Tests are required depending on which country you return to and which airline you fly with.
    • For example, Turkish Airlines does not require a PCR test for passengers with 2 doses of vaccine.
How much does PCR test cost in Mongolia?
  • PCR test is around 30-40USD (85000-115000 MNT)
  • Rapid test is around 7-10USD (20000-30000 MNT)
Can I have a PCR test at my hotel prior to my departure from Mongolia?

You can book mobile medical services with an additional fee in advance at your hotel.

Source: Operational headquarters of the State Special Commission