Bactrian Camels of Outer Mongolia

Bactrian Camels

Bactrian camels have two humps on their backs where they store fat or it can be also converted to water when there are no any water or no food available for few weeks. These humps give camels their legendary ability to survive long periods of travel without water in extremely cold or in extremely hot desert conditions. According to some facts of what Mongolian nomads say that these camels can go without water up to 40 days or more. Bactrian camels have developed special adaptations to allow them to survive in such a brutal environment. One is a thick, shaggy coat that protects them in winter and falls away as seasons change and temperatures rise.

But, Mongolian nomads have been using these camels for food or for transportation. They upload on the camels packed yurts (Ger or nomadic tent from felt) and other stuff when they move from place to place looking for new fresh land with untouched grass for their livestock.

Even now there are many nomads that living in isolated areas where no road to lead and no any modern transports can reach and they are still use this ancient way of transportation.