Accommodation in Mongolia

Accommodation in Mongolia:

When you hear “Mongolia” you will always imagine middle age, warriors, horses, steps, Gobi desert, mountains and nomads. But Mongolia has been developed good enough to surprise you with their stylized hospitality and crowded new cars on the streets of cities and towns.

Despite of the Mongolia is a small country there are large selections of accommodation or lodging places starting from modern styled Hotels to traditional Ger camp lodgings.

Accommodation in Ulaanbaatar:

Ulaanbaatar is a capital city of Mongolia at the same time it is also biggest city in Mongolia and also local business center. As many capital cities in the word here you can get anything that you want. So here you can stay in big and comfortable Hotels with luxury rooms. There are also large selections of western and Asian food in high quality with foreign chefs. Prices are also similar to similar rated Hotels of other modernized countries.

If you are looking for cheap and safe places to stay:

Do not choose cheap and small Hotels in Ulaanbaatar as they are not recommended to stay.  Those places are cheap but there are many local young people stay drunk so you can easily be in trouble. So many tourists choose guest houses that ran by local travel agencies. Guest houses are normal apartments that located in center of the city and it is fixed as Hostels.

Does Airbnb work in Mongolia?

Yes as a local travel agency we have been managing tours for many people during the years. So maybe about 15 percent of our guests were saying that they are staying in Ulaanbaatar city and they found the lodging by Airbnb. Not counting Ulaanbaatar city they were finding lodging through Airbnb even in other small provinces of Mongolia.

There are also touristic Ger camps in Mongolia. Ger camps are traditional Mongolian nomadic lodging kid or tent that they have been using over the hundreds of years. But some of the luxury Ger camps are fixed and designed their Gers well where you will feel as in big Hotels and at the same time you can experience traditional home of nomads. Warm beds and hot showers are available in most of Ger camp lodging places.

Lodging In the countrysides:

When you are traveling in the countryside or in the small towns of other provinces you can choose Ger camps. Because, All of the Ger camps are located in edge or out of the towns and cities. So if the town is small you easily walk into the center of the town in 20-30 minutes. But in the big cities like Ulaanbaatar you can’t walk into town. So in Ulaanbaatar it is better to choose Hotels if you want to explore city by walking around.