Horse breaking or horse training in Mongolia

Training Mongolian horses or breaking the horses

Mongolian horses are very tough and undemanding. True, they are on the short side and not too frisky. Every stage in a colt’s life has its own name. Normally training starts when they become a two years old. Two-years-old in western Mongolia is called a Tai. New caught Tais (two year old horses) are normally still completely wild as they grew up with their flock on high Altai mountain and are not used to people riding them. Before they start train they must catch them using lasso. Some people, when they train wild horses use saddles, but some of them do not. For riding a wild horses without saddles are most safe option.

Almost all nomads in Mongolia are good riders, but still not everyone will undertake to break in a new caught wild horses. Among the family members or sometimes among the areas have their own masters who break in a horses. Masters must be very careful while they are breaking horses as horses have excellent memories and an inadvertent their mistake in training will later become a constant problem for the later riders. And the opposite is true: if you train the horse to do some from the very beginning, this lesson will remain with them their whole life.
When they train horses they don’t keep the horses on the rope for too long, since it can ruin the horse’s coordination. Almost immediately the wranglers take the horses out into an open space. After, everything depends on the trainer’s skill.