Golden Eagle festival is an annual traditional festival in Bayan-Ölgii aimag (Western Mongolia). Eagle Hunters celebrate their heritage and compete to catch small animals such as foxes and hares with specially trained golden eagles…


First day:
  • Opening ceremony
  • Traditional parade
  • All eagle hunters will show their decorated horses and hunting outfits. (This is 1st step of eagle competition)
  • Calling eagle on arm. ( Eagle will be released from top of mountain, and trainer must meet up eagle from the bottom just among people down. This is second step of competition)
  • Traditional concert at local theater
Second day:
  • Eagle hunters will be dragging death animal skins, but eagle must catch this skin pretending it is real fox or any live animal. ( This is 3rd competition)
  • There will be other entertaining wild games such as Push Cashy (fighting for death goat body)
  • Women chasing game "Kyz Kuar"
  • Winner awording ceremony​

5th and 6th of October 2019


Hunting with Eagle + Golden Eagle festival tour 2 days
Classic tours  + Golden Eagle festival tour 2 Days
Trekking in Altai + Golden Eagle festival tour 2 days
Horse trail tour + Golden Eagle festival tour 2 days

Golden Eagle festival tour

For this tour recommended duration is from 4-7 days. Activities during that tour are 2 days of Eagle festival, staying with eagle hunter, ride horses with eagle hunter and see real golden eagle hunting, experience nomadic life and different culture. Before doing any step you need to contact us and receive booking instruction.

We think you may need some tip or information from us before you go see the Eagle Festival for your safety.

  • Before you go to the Eagle festival make sure that you are not wearing too bright clothing or clothing, hat that made from fur or look like fur as they may attract eagles and they can land on you by confusing and thinking you are the target.
  • While the competition is going on, do not leave designated areas to get a closer photo shoot of the eagles is not recommended. Again eagle may attack you or you may scare the eagle and interrupt the competition.
  • If you get lost or cannot find your group or your guide among the crowded people you must come back to the place where you have parked your van or vehicle.
  • Eagles are not pets. Do not try to touch or hold the Eagles by your own without owner of the eagles or without Eagle Hunter (Burkitshii) as Eagles are very aggressive animals and they may hurt you.


Hunting with Golden Eagle is one of the most unique features of the Kazakh life. The hunter is named Kusbegi (Eagle training) or Berkutchi (Eagle Hunter). The experience of wild birds training was gained by Kazakh Kusbegi by centuries, the secrets were impacted from the father to the son and kept deep secret. At the present time we can meet few people with such name. These masters have innate gift of wild birds training. For hunting they tame falcons, golden eagles and eagles.

Eagles used to live and make their nest normally on high and colder areas of Altai mountains. Height of Eagles up to 95cm, wingspan from 180cm to 220cm, weight 4-6kg. Plumage is of the same kind, dark – brown, nape and neck – golden red, young individuals have white, with a wide black strip on the end, tail, and lower part of a wing – with large white spots. A down nestling – only white. Golden Eagle settles in couples, making huge (up to 2 min a diameter) nests in niches and on ledges of rocky breakages, on trees. In March- April hen lays 1 – 3 eggs (hen sits on eggs about 45 days). The nestlings’ leaves nests in 2.5 months of old, but parents are guardians along time. Golden Eagle lives about 100 years in natural conditions. Eats: in mountains – marmots, kekliks (different kind of small birds), ulars (different kind of small birds), ravens and gophers; in deserts – sandpiper, rabbits, partridges, hazel grouses, turtles, snakes and etc. Occasionally attacks the foxes and badgers. . Hunters with Eagles – name Golden Eagles depending on age: till 1 year – balapan, 2-years – kantubit, 3-years – tyrnekl, 4-years – tastulek, 5-years – muzbalak, 6-years – koktubit, 7-years – kana, 8-years – zhana, 9-years – maytubit, 10-years – barkyn, 11-years – barshyn, 12-years – shogel.